Community Association

The Association started life originally as the Parochial Institute in 1921 (see pictures!) and soon adopted the name ‘Delamere Club’ continuing to run successfully for 50 years until the new community centre was established.

the-original-delamere-club1 the-original-delamere-club2
In 1970 a Trust group was set up and the trustees purchased the land on behalf of the community ‘for the use of a Community Association’. The new community centre was built the following year and opened in 1972.

In 1976 Delamere Community Association became a registered charity (No. 504881) with the charitable object ‘to promote the benefit of the inhabitants of Delamere and Oakmere by the advancement of education and the provision of facilities in the interests of social welfare’. The Trust Deed can be seen by clicking here.

There are up to five Holding Trustees who hold the deeds to the Trust Property on behalf of local residents. The names of the current Holding Trustees, together with the last set of annual accounts, can be seen on the Charity Commission for England and Wales website at by entering the registration number shown above.

The day-to-day management of the Association is carried out by Managing Trustees who sit on a Management Committee. The current composition of the committee can be seen by selecting the Management Committee page.

The Community Centre supports a wide range of well established community activities which are popular and, generally, well supported. To find out more about the activities and how to get involved please click on the Activities and Contacts page.