The Community Centre was set up as a Trust Property for the use of ‘a Community Association formed to promote the benefit of the inhabitants of…. Delamere and Oakmere’. Membership of the Association is therefore open to all local residents, as well as others who wish to participate in the activities that run at the Centre. It is not necessary to join the Association in order to be able to use the facilities but being a member costs just £5.00 per year and confers a number of useful and valuable rights, including:

  • voting on matters that require a general vote at the AGM
  • standing for election to the Management Committee
  • preferential rates when hiring rooms at the hall (see Lettings Policy)
  • entry to the ‘100 Club’

People for the most part become members through their respective activity sections and a list of new members and their subscriptions are then forwarded to the Membership Secretary. It is also possible to apply directly using the Membership Application form attached. The Membership Secretary then stores the information on a database and prepares a list of members (without addresses) showing when they last paid their membership subs and the section that they paid it through. This list is then displayed on the Treasurer’s Notice Board.

All residents are encouraged to become members so that the whole community can participate in managing day-to-day activities as well as helping to shape the future.

THE ‘100 CLUB’  (Not operational at present )

The ‘100 Club’ started in May 2007. It is a very simple and fun way for the DCA and its Members to fundraise for the Club, whilst at the same time giving you the chance to win cash prizes during four ‘normal draws’ in the year, together with the chance to win DOUBLE prize money at the annual AGM ‘Super Draw’. And … there is a further draw for all “non winning numbers” at the end of the ‘100 Club’ year!

In a complete year that’s up to 18 chances in all (6 draws with 3 prizes in each) to win cash prizes and support your local Community Centre all for the sum of £1 per month!

Your Questions answered:

  • The cost to participate in the ‘100 Club’ is just £1 per month – that’s £12 per year payable annually in advance.
  • £700 to be repaid as prize money throughout the year.
  • In May, November, January and March of each DCA financial year there is a draw for 3 prizes – 1st prize £50, second prize £30 and third prize £20. The first draw of the year takes place at the May DCA Committee Meeting.
  • In addition, each year at the Club’s AGM, double prize money is given away in the ‘AGM Super Draw’. For the ‘Super Draw’, £100 is given as a first prize, £60 to second and £40 to third.
  • There is also an annual ‘Non Winning Numbers Draw’ held at the end of the DCA Financial Year for all the ‘100 Club’ numbers which have not won a prize during the previous year. The prize money is 1st prize £50, second prize £30 and third prize £20.
  • A Member of the DCA is allowed to subscribe for up to 2 numbers. Each number is valued at £12 per annum and should be paid for by cheque annually in advance.
  • The prize winning numbers, as well as members draw numbers in the DCA ‘100 Club’, are displayed on the entrance hall notice-board in the Community Centre throughout the year.

If you wish to join the ‘100 CLUB’ please contact the 100 Club Organiser on 01606 301762