Individual members of St. Peter’s church, the Delamere Community Association and Delamere and Oakmere Parish Council have come together to provide a coordination service in support of Cheshire West and Chester Council’s initiative to connect people with volunteers offering help.

How to Volunteer through Cheshire West and Chester Council

Cheshire West and Chester Council has set up a system to identify people in need throughout the borough, and to connect them to volunteers living nearby. To register as a volunteer go to:

How to Volunteer with the Delamere and Oakmere support group

If you are healthy and have not been identified in the high risk category by the Government (over 70, respiratory issues etc.) and would like to help those in self-isolation please contact Rector Revd. Angela Askwith on 01928 787655.

Both of the village shops and the Post Office are open

Delamere Stores

aims to deliver to your doorstep within 24 hours. Orders by email or phone to:, 01606 882226. For a stock list go to the shop’s Facebook page.

Delamere Farm Shop

offers a wide range of fresh vegetables and other local produce.  For details go to their Facebook page or phone 07802 497018.

Post Office

The outreach Post Office in the Community Centre remains open on Wednesdays and Fridays, 09.30 to 12.00.


If you need help

If you are in self-isolation and need help with activities such as:

  • collecting shopping
  • collecting prescription medicines
  • collecting takeaway meals
  • dog walking
  • someone to talk to on the phone

then phone 01928 787655.


Self-isolation will apply to people who:

  • are in vulnerable groups, who may or may not be otherwise healthy
  • have been in contact with infected or suspected infected people
  • have returned from other parts of the world
  • have the Coronavirus – COVID-19

Self-Isolating Notice

You can download and print this notice for your front door or window.  Contact us if you would like us to print one for you.

Parcel Delivery

Volunteers will place the item(s) at your door. Having knocked on your door or rung your doorbell, they will then step back to a safe distance while you retrieve your item. If you cannot come to the door then please speak to them through a window. If you would like packages to be left in a safe place, please telephone or email us to give details.

Wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds after handling deliveries before touching eyes, nose, mouth or face.


When someone asks for help, either by phone or email, our coordinator will identify a suitable volunteer from the information provided. The coordinator will phone the volunteer and give contact and address details for the person needing help and the details of the help required. It may sometimes be necessary for the volunteer to phone the person needing help to get directions or to let them know they are on their way, for example. The coordinator will also phone the person needing help to confirm the name and contact details of the volunteer who will be helping them.

Safety precautions – It is crucial that volunteers don’t spread the virus and that they remain healthy themselves, so please read and digest the safety precautions and follow them meticulously.

Cheshire West and Chester Council Helpline

A dedicated helpline to provide advice and support, and where necessary make arrangements for food, medicines and social contact.

            0300 123 7031 every day from 8am to 7pm

Official Information and Advice

UK Government Information and Advice

UK Government: How to Help Safely

UK Government Guidance for Community Volunteers

UK Government What You Can and Can’t Do

NHS Coronavirus Advice

NHS 111 online

Public Health England Advice

World Health Organisation Information and Advice

Cheshire West and Chester Council Advice and Support