Historical maps

Maps marked with an * are high resolution images that show a lot of detail when expanded.  In most browsers just click on a particular area of the map to expand it.

Date Source expand for detail
1577 from Christopher Saxton’s map of Cheshire http://www.cheshirehistory.org.uk/archive/  
1610 from John Speed’s map of Cheshire http://www.cheshirehistory.org.uk/archive/  
1695 from Robert Morden’s map of Cheshire, Renaissance Map Collection, Stanford University Libraries searchworks.stanford.edu  
1777 from Peter Burdett’s map of Cheshire http://www.cheshirehistory.org.uk/archive/ *
1813 Plan of Delamere Forest, 1813, in George Ormerod’s History of Cheshire volume II.  *
1817-1848 Plan of the Forest of Delamere, E Fuller 1817, revised by John Palin 1848.  The revisions consist mainly of changes in land ownership. Digitised by D&O local history group *
1819 from Christoper Greenwood’s map of Cheshire http://www.cheshirehistory.org.uk/archive/  
1830 approx. Plan of the Forest of Delamere about 1830 (undated, no name). Digitised by D&O local history group *
1842-1871 Ordnance Survey extract.  This first edition OS map was revised in 1871 to include the railway, with little or no change to other details. National Library of Australia, http://trove.nla.gov.au/ *
1863 Map of the Crown Forest and Lands Reclaimed by Marling by 1863 

In the 1850s and 60s much of the forest that had been used for timber production was cleared for agriculture and treated with marl to improve the quality of the soil.  The map shows the railways that were constructed to carry the marl from pits at Stoneybutts (near the station), Nettleford Wood and Waterloo Gate.

1897 Ordnance Survey 6 inches/mile extract. National Library of Scotland, http://maps.nls.uk/index.html *
1911-1912 Ordnance Survey, 6 inches/mile, six complete sheets. National Library of Scotland, http://maps.nls.uk/index.html 

OS-1911-XXXIX-NE OS-1911-XL-NW
OS-1912-XXXIX-SE OS-1911-XL-SW

1971/83 The Marley quarry and its environs, Marley Tile Co. Ltd. (based on Ordnance Survey).  Digitised by D&O local history group. *