Local Walks

The Sandstone Ridge Trust

The Sandstone Ridge Trust website gives details of many local walks, and also horse riding and cycling routes.

Mid-Cheshire Footpath Society

The Mid Cheshire Footpath Society organises a programme of regular walks in Cheshire.

Oakmere Way

The Oakmere Way is a multi-user bridleway and footpath linking Delamere Forest with the Whitegate Way, which was opened by the Rt Hon Stephen O’Brien MP April 2014.  The project was undertaken by Mid Cheshire Bridleway Association, with funding and assistance from from Natural England and Lafarge Tarmac.

Public Rights of Way

There are many footpaths in Delamere Forest, which has been designated as “open access land”. The Forestry Commission has a legal right to restrict access to this land for purposes such as forestry operations or concerts, except for those that are Public Rights of Way.  Unless special permission has been obtained from the local authority, these must remain open at all times.

The Public Rights of Way in the parish are shown on the map below.

Public Rights of Way

Most of these are in Delamere ward, with just two footpaths (FP1 and FP5) and three bridleways (BR2, 6 and 7) in Oakmere ward.  Bridleway 6 goes from Gallowsclough Lane to join FP1, which runs through the forest to Blakemere Lane (the B5152).  These two can be combined with Gallowsclough Lane, Stonyford Lane and the Oakmere Way (FP5 and Bridleway 7) to make a circular walk, taking in Stonyford Cottage Gardens and/or the Station Café for lunch or tea.  FP5 is unusual in having two branches.  This is a consequence of its diversion to allow quarrying on the original route, which ran along the whole length of Farm Road from Chester Road to the end of Golf Course Road.  The diversion takes it round the southern side of the Marley lake to re-join the original route at the golf club.

Following recent parish boundary changes four of the Delamere footpaths (FP1, FP2, FP10 and FP11) are no longer in the civil parish, but are still partly within the ecclesiastical parish.  FP1, FP2 and FP11 form a single route out of Kelsall over Kelsborrow Castle to the Boot Inn, from where a circular walk can be completed via Willington Lane.  FP10 goes west from Yeld Lane to the northern end of Hall Lane, which goes down over the Kelsall bypass to Old Coach Road.  From there a circular walk can be completed via Yeld Lane.

FP9 is a popular footpath that goes alongside the Roman road from the corner of Stoney Lane and Eddisbury Hill to Kelsall.  It emerges on the A54 beyond Gresty’s Waste, from where a short walk takes you up to the traffic lights and across to the Farmers’ Arms.  A circular walk can be completed via Yeld Lane and Forest Gate Lane, which continues as FP19 to meet FP 13 (which is part of the Sandstone Trail).  From there a variety of routes can be taken across or around Eddisbury Hill.

Before FP9 reaches Kelsall it crosses the Sandstone Trail (FP13), which can be followed in either direction to complete alternative circular walks.  To the south the trail goes through Gresty’s Waste and Primrose Wood to meet FP6.  To the north, it passes through Nettleford Wood to Eddisbury Lodge, where it crosses FP4, and continues north on FP3 to Barnsbridge Gates and on into Norley.  To the west FP4 comes out at the northern end of Yeld Lane, which can be followed south to link with several other paths.  FP5 completes a smallish triangle linking the western end of FP4 to FP3.  East from Eddisbury Lodge FP4 goes to the Linmere Visitor Centre, and on along the Linmere access road to Station Café and Station Road.

In the south-west corner of the parish FP6 can be combined with FP7 and FP14 to make another circular walk, taking in Stoney Lane to the south of the school, the southern edge of Primrose Wood (with good views of rolling countryside), and a short stretch along the A556.  There are  steep slopes at the southern end of FP14 that can be difficult when it’s muddy – and beware of galloping horses as you cross the equestrian centre at Kelsall Hill!

To the west of FP7, FP8 makes its way through Abbey Wood from the A556 to the A54, with a bend in the middle close to Abbey Lane. 

The last of the Delamere Public Rights of Way, FP17, continues on from Old Coach Road across the A49 to the A54. On the way it passes the Tarporley garden centre and through a strip of woodland between the Sandymere estate and Sandybrow stables.  This was originally part of a route through the forest from Little Budworth to Frodsham