The Parish Council

The Parish Council is the first tier of local government closest to communities – the other tiers being District/Borough and County or Unitary Councils.

Parish Councils deliver a range of services at a community level and are involved in many activities ranging from providing and maintaining local facilities such as playing fields and open spaces, playgrounds, shelters, village halls, clocks etc. – either on their own or in partnership with other bodies – as well as having duties regarding churchyards, footpaths, highways and litter.

Delamere and Oakmere Parish Council owns, and has responsibility for, the Little Wood which is situated off the A556 at Waste Lane. The Parish Council therefore ensures that this open space for available for use by the local community.

Parish Councils do not have any responsibilities, as such, but they do have Powers and Duties. For a full list of the Powers and Duties of Parish Councils see the Good Councillors Guide published by the National Association of Local Councils.

Parish Councils also provide a range of services, the main ones being:


The Parish Council is consulted by the planning authority on all developments affecting the parish and responds to all applications. The Parish Council provides a local perspective and makes comments on applications within a local context and with the benefit of a considerable amount of local knowledge. The views of Parish Councils are reported, considered and responded to within every application report. Extra conditions may be added to a recommendation of approval, as a result of concerns raised by a Parish Council. However it should be highlighted that the final decision on planning applications is taken by the Cheshire West and Chester Council Planning Authority.

For details of current planning applications and the outcomes of past ones, visit the planning portal of Cheshire West and Chester Council and enter either Delamere or Oakmere in the search box.

For information on major planning applications which are of wider interest within the Parish please go to the Notice Board.


The Parish Council has the right to be consulted on many local and national government issues and provides a local perspective in response to consultation requests. To see a list of current council consultations go to Notice Board.


The condition of highways and footways and the operation of street lighting is monitored and problems reported to the highway and street lighting authorities for action.

Other areas where Parish Councils have Powers and Duties include:

Bus shelters
Bye-laws relating to common land and access land
Community centres
Crime prevention
Open spaces
Parish documents
Town and country planning